Floating Stairs

Your magical feeling, made by the world’s latest technologies!


One of the modern types of staircases is floating stairs which come in various materials, patterns and colors. Moreover, these stairs are available in every kind of treads. The treads are fixed in a wall with no observable holders or railings (glass or stainless steel railings could be added by customer’s preference). Floating stairs are space-friendly too! For there is nothing under the stairs, you have this empty space to yourself. Another type of floating stairs is Cable floating stairs. In these staircases, unlike the mentioned floating stairs in which the wall bears the weight of treads, the floor above holds the treads by cables. Again there is going to be plenty of empty and useful space under the treads. Here in AradSteel Company, quality is at the top of the agenda and we deliver unique products with elegance and stability. We also offer you guarantees to assure you of the quality even more.